Lymph Drainage Therapist Polly C. Jiacovelli, LMT, CLT-LANA

My name is Polly Jiacovelli and I have been a Manual Lymph Drainage therapist for over 20 years. It is what I love and all that I want to do. Patient often ask me what they can do for themselves  for their Lymphatic System and I have always through the years suggested skin brushing and getting a good Rebounder.

I could tell so much about all the many health benefits for my Lymphedema patients and the general public. I believe the gentle bounce is truly affecting the lymphatic system which is responsible for our immune system, parasympathetic nervous systems and our overall well being.

I thought that I knew the best Rebounder out there until I was educated by a highly respected Acupuncturist here in RI and she told me about the Qibounder. I was curious and looked it up on-line and had a wonderful talk with Sylvia. I called only intending to get more information and was so impressed that I ordered one right there on the phone. I can not say enough about this wonderful health aid. We have it right in the living room of our apartment. People comment how beautiful it looks, like a very cool piece of furniture. It is so quiet that I am not afraid of bothering my downstairs neighbors. I wear very strong compression stockings and in the hot humid weather my legs feel very congested and heavy. I get on the Qibounder and it really relieves that achy heavy feeling in my legs. My husband does his stretches on it. My eight year old daughter loves it, I think it is helping her asthma. She will walk by it and just jump for a few minutes periodically all through the day.

That is what I tell my patients, it is NOT a huge time commitment. I love Sylvia's video about External link opens in new tab or windowMovement that shows the chime on her computer  that goes off every hour, she and her husband who comes in from the other room jump on their rebounder and just do 10 JUMPS!!! That is it, everyone can do that during the day. I must say I often wake up do a few bounces in my nightgown before I hop in the shower. I love the ease and quick availability to feeling better anytime of the day.

This is my go-to plan to keep in shape, detox and stimulate my immune system. I love this Qibounder so much, I am so very grateful to have it ( the old spring based rebounder went right out !). The bellicon is the only rebounder for me and I can't recommend it enough!
Sincerely, Polly C. Jiacovelli, LMT, CLT-LANA (July 2013)

Dr Sylvia Lim MD, PhD, Movement Therapist and Educator
Dr. Sylvia Lim teaches alignment and movement in Durham, NC. With training in cultural anthropology, public health, biomechanics, and dance, she is uniquely positioned to see the cultural influences on our health and on our bodies.

"Rebounding is a wonderful way to keep your bones healthy. The activity of bouncing on a high quality rebounder produces exactly the kinds of signals that are optimal for bone growth - the osteogenic squishes are done frequently and are neither too hard nor too soft for your system."

Drawing from many years of practice in the field of physical health,
Dr Lim explains us in her fascination article 'HOW BONE BUILDING WORKS '
  • What bones need to be strong
  • Why Rebounding on gentle bouncing Rebounders is excellent for our bones and why a hard bounce is contra productive
  • And she explains us the role alignment plays in our overall health and specifically for our bones


Certified Pilates Instructor External link opens in new tab or windowJudy Richardson  speaks about her experience with the bellicon Rebounder

Judy Richardson is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and Advanced Myofascial Release Therapist who has studied movement and the body for nearly twenty years.

It has been one week since I received my Bellicon 44.  I am so happy and pleased with my purchase of the Bellicon 44!  I have tried different brands of Rebounders but my experience has been the Bellicon far out stands all the rest.  

I purchased the Bellicon44 initially for myself, I have a very mild case of cerebral palsy which increases the tone in my body.  My right hip is very tight from wearing a brace as a child and having a cast on that leg.  Other Rebounders have lead to my body tightening even more but on the Bellicon I have no stiff joints, no pain in my ankles, knees, hips or low back.  I am simply amazed at how it has helped me in other activities such as walking, cycling and doing Pilates and Yoga.   The Bellicon 44 has increased my body awareness to a greater degree and areas of pain in my body decrease daily.

I am now introducing the Bellicon to all of my clients who are very enthused and excited.
Thank you for all of your help!  It was such a pleasure working with you, such a high degree of professionalism and integrity!  

Best wishes

Judy Richardson, CPI, LMT
Austin, Texas
Diana Hahn Borst
CNFC is a certified nutrition and fitness specialist.



Yes you can. It’s so fun and easy to do. The benefits are simply supreme!

Complete body system rejuvenating effects are felt virtually immediately. Jumping on a quality rebounder is where it’s at, for complete body care at a cellular level. Strong cells…Strong body!

Here’s a brief scientific explanation.

When rebounding, we are in essence bouncing absolutely all of our trillions of cells on a forgiving surface. No concrete wall, no damage. So the unique triple effects of acceleration and deceleration in the same plane as gravity exerts a powerful, yet safe G-force on the entire human body system. That is where the magic lies. In effect three forces of nature are producing internal loading, developing more biomechanical work with less energy expended. Less oxygen is used and less demand is placed on your heart.

No pain and fantastic gains rules. Talk about a gift. Indeed, there are some things in life that are almost free! Let’s mention some gains.

Rebounding on a consistent, regular basis, will build and strengthen a magnificent musculoskeletal system. It reduces body fat, increases agility, reestablishes and creates outstanding balance, enhances digestion and elimination processes, and lowers circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Jump for keener hearing and visual acuity. An A-one, extremely safe aerobic workout for your heart is yours for the taking. Bouncing is an extraordinarily effective physical approach for lymphatic circulation and detoxification. The health advantages are many and profound if done on a consistent basis. That is the key. Only 5-10 minutes minimum daily, is all that is required for a marked improvement. What was once thought as child’s play, is being used by deconditioned astronauts to regain what was lost while living in a microgravity environment! Simply amazing! But as always, this ultimate cellular exercise demands a partnership with powerhouse nutrition. Recharge and rebuild your entire bodysystem with the best! By doing so, the sky’s the limit…you can only go up. Your health can be won or lost each day. It is in your hands.

External link opens in new tab or windowDr. Ruben Garcia
Family Physician, Florida

"It's like working out without working out"

The Bellicon 44 is the best overall exercise piece I have ever encountered.

I am 47 years old and work as a Family Physician in Florida.  I have been  exercising and working out with weights since I was 16 years old.  Now, since 10 weeks, I use the Bellicon. 15-20 min. daily and my ab muscles show much  better and I have shed 7 lbs within this time. 


My exercising background primarily emphasized bodybuilding workouts.  About 3 years ago, I did a power lifting meet where I set a bench press  record of lifting 308 lbs at a body weight of 132 lbs  in my age group.  Before I got the Bellicon 44, I was on a treadmill about 3 to 4 times a week for about 15 minutes but my knees started to become affected by the running. 

The  Bellicon is the closest thing to an "easy yet  effective workout".  
With the running, I would be breathing hard and sweating but with the Rebounder,  I do neither of these and yet I was able to easily loose 7 pounds and achieved a nice "6 pack". It's like working out "without working out".

Before I got my Bellicon, I bought a well-known spring based Rebounder  cost was a little over $200) but the bungee Rebounder is much easier on the joints and without the constant "squeaking" of the springs.   Plus, I feel the slower amplitude of the bungee cords is much more pleasing and relaxing.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Rebound therapy is taking off.
Denise Roberts finds out why it works on many levels   External link opens in new tab or windowRead more

External link opens in new tab or windowDr. med. Hans Schechinger Physician for Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine, Cologne.

Rebounding is a big help in the rehabilitation of existing knee, ankle or muscle injuries. As far as just tanking up on oxygen is concerned, 5 minutes on the trampoline is the same as running more than 3 kilometers. Even just 10 minutes daily is sufficient to improve physical condition"

Dr. Rentstroem and Dr. Peterson, Sports Academy GIH, Stockholm Efficient Movement

Rebounding greatly facilitates the metabolic processes  in connective tissue (discs), cartilage tissue, joints and skeleton (e.g. in osteoporosis). I know of no other form of exercise which is so simple and easy and at the same time so efficient!

Paul Klammer, Head Physiotherapist in the Ambulatory Rehabilitation and Prevention, Traben Trarbach.

Rebounding increasingly moves the joints without overloading them. The joint cartilage and the intervertebral discs of the spinal column are better supplied with synovial fluid and thereby remain more elastic up to a higher age.  The Rebounder promotes the arterial and capillary blood circulation. The additional muscle activity accelerates the return flow of venous blood and thus increases lymph return at the same time. The desired tachycardia (increase of heart frequency) is also achieved without excessive strain.

Dr. med. Peter Z'Brun, Surgeon FMH (i.R.), Visp, Switzerland

The Bellicon is the most advanced, medically tested Rebounder in the world.  The bouncing experience is uncomparable with any other Rebounder and the "Made In Germany Quality" ensures a fantastic durable Rebounder that you and your family will enjoy for years.