Bungee cords is what characterizes a QiBounder, the newest generation of high quality rebounders - compared to the former spring based rebounders. bellicon offers five different strength of bungee cords so that everybody can get the optimum bounce with the highest possible workout efficiency. JumpSport - the other company that manufactures spring-free rebounders, does not offer different bungee cords for different weight categories. They set up their rebounders with a preset bungee cord set. Some of their models allow to adjust the bungee cords to make the bounce stiffer, but for people under 150 lbs the strength they come in, is not ideal.

bellicon on the other side allows everybody to choose a bungee cord strength that is right for their own weight category - or for their family. They distinguish five different strength of bungee cords:

Which bungee cord strength is right for you?

Below you find the general recommendation. If you have health issues (for instance Osteoporosis) or special health issues, please contact us and we will counsel you of which bungee cord strength to order. We work with bellicon rebounders since 2000 and are happy to assist you.