Transform your Passion into a Profession

For whom:

The  QiBounding Instructor Training, short QIT,  is designed for  Physical Therapists,  Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and all those who have a substantial understanding about the mechanics of the body. The student needs to have at least four months of personal rebounding experience before beginning with the QIT.



The  aim  of the  QIT  is  to  give  the  student  a  solid  basis  to  teach Rebounding and its more advanced form “QiBounding”. The certification will allow him to hold private QiBounding sessions and group classes on a professional level, but not to conduct teacher trainings or to certify QiBounding instructors.


Here is an extract of the themes we will work through:

- Correct use of the body when rebounding.
- The should's and the should not's in rebounding.
- Physical problems and Health Issues of my client - 
   What are they allowed to do, what not and
   which exercises can support them?
- How do I conduct a QiBounding Private Session?
- How do I conduct a QiBounding Class?

How long?

The QIT is one week of daily  one-to-one training with QiBounding founder Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth.
The 18 hours class plus daily homework are spread over 5 days,  so the class is usually from Monday to Saturday. However it can be spread differently according to the needs of the student.


At the end of the QIT, the student takes an examination which has to be passed in order to receive the QiBounding Instructor Certificate which allows him to train people in QiBounding®. In case the examination has not been passed, the student has two months to work on the missed subjects and receives a second possibility to pass the examination.


As Certified QiBounding Instructor, we will promote your QiBounding business on our QiBounding website so that people in your area know that they can study with you. We also announce your workshops and support you in any possible way. It is our wish that you are successful and spread the good work!



 I did the QiBounding Instructor Training begin of September 2013. I can recommend it with all my heart to anybody who wants to get a profound basis to teach Rebounding. The content of the QIT was very comprehensive, well-prepared and easy to understand. I particularly liked that I could practice the things I had learned the next day and to receive feedback. The rhythm of the QIT worked very well for me:  Having three hours class every day gave me enough time to "digest" the information I had received and to do my homework.  

I really liked Sylvia's style of teaching which was very logical,  clear, and I felt how much she cares for her students. I am sure that there is nobody who can give you the information which you get in a QIT. Sylvia is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am so very happy that I did this training. It gives me an excellent basis and good knowledge to teach now Rebounding in my country, in Finland.

Mia-Maaria Kilski, September 2013