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Overcoming Depression with QiBounding

I battle periodic depression and found myself at a low point after a build up of life events when I happened upon a blog that talked about the benefits of rebounding to the lymphatic system and for depression. 

I began my research on rebounders and luckily found QiBounding!  I was instantly impressed by the thoroughness of the information provided. When I called, Sylvia was so helpful and kind and I felt confident making my purchase.  

Rebounding has truly changed my life!  I cannot believe how happy it makes me.  I can rebound for hours and feel like I can keep going.  I lose all track of time.  I put on some fun music and dance my butt off! 

I used to dance many years ago, but a degrading knee condition removed that from my exercise repertoire.  Rebounding has brought dancing back into my life because there is no impact on my knees.  It has helped keep my weight down and I NEVER feel like I have to mentally prepare myself to rebound.  I can't wait to get on there and jump!  

(Tina P, Boston July 2011)

QiBounding is not only a joyful experience through the body's Serotonin production that occurs during rebounding. It is also a "miracle cure" when you are in a cloud of funk. And on top of that: Rebounding can  reestablish your energy within minutes.
If you are concerned with Chronic Fatigue, Stress or Burnout, you can relax now: You have found a method that can accompany you like a kind friend who is always with you when you need him. With gentle bouncing, and deep breathing while rebounding, you connect with your inner strength and will be nourished from within while oxygenating every cell of your body at the same time.

QiBounding makes me happy and alive!

I am so glad I bought a bellicon  rebounder.  It is quiet, gentle and really makes me feel happy and alive each time I use it. The Qibounding rebounding helps me to relax. I can breathe deeper and after some minutes, I feel  the joy and the energy mounting inside myself and I feel uplifted and confident in my body. This rebounder is obviously the highest quality rebounder on the market and it looks beautiful too!  Thank you to QiBounding for the inspiration and being such a great resource for Rebounding!  (Michelle T. San Francisco. July 2010)

I use my Bellicon Rebounder every day. I’m a day trader and  have to watch the price action continually for many hours throughout the day. The Rebounder is directly behind me and when I need a break but still need to watch, I just rejuvenate myself with bouncing. This is so important tobe able to decompress from the stress of trading with Rebounding, I wouldn’t want to trade without it any more. I also start my day by drinking green tea with lemon and then wake up my cells by bouncing. Thank you for also being such a responsible vendor of this great product.

 (R.K. December  2011)


Adrenal Exhaustion

Every year more and more people suffer from Adrenal Fatigue or even from Adrenal Exhaustion. The majority are women, but also men are more and more confronted with Adrenal Fatigue - the shutting down of our Adrenal Glands.

What is the function of Adrenal Glands?

The adrenal glands are the size of walnuts and are located just above the kidneys. Their purpose is to release a hormone called Cortisol in response to stress. The primary functions of Cortisol are to increase blood sugar and to help with fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

What happens when the Adrenals are exhausted?

When the adrenals are exhausted, they are no longer able to maintain appropriate levels of cortisol. Adrenal exhaustion leaves a person feeling tired and susceptible to illness.


The body responds to stress, whether real or perceived

Cortisol is secreted by adrenal glands in response to any stressful event, whether real or perceived. That means that the way we perceive a situation determines if our adrenal glands secret Cortisol. If we are fearful or fight a situation or a thought we can easily get locked into an on-going state of stress. At some point, the adrenals can no longer support the constantly elevated levels of stress and shut down.

Add to that other common stressors like poor diet, lack of exercise, irregular sleep, and long work hours - and you have a recipe for adrenal burnout! At this moment, we are far more likely to become sick, tired and depressed.

Common warning signs for adrenal fatigue are:

- Weight gain
- Fatigue

Common warning signs of Adrenal Fatigue are:

- Weight gain

- Fatigue
- Gut disorders
- Low sex drive or irregularity in menstrual cycle

Can our diet contribute to healthier adrenals?

When it comes to diet, stabilizing blood sugar is crucial since Cortisol is released to manage blood sugar levels.


     Avoid excess sugar and carbohydrates.

Eat regularly throughout the day and avoid eating late at night.

An excessive level of Cortisol is often the culprit that can keep us from losing weight. Infection and gut disorders lead to inflammation and elevated levels of Cortisol.

When Cortisol is out of control, digestion shuts down. Poor gut ecology is one essential part of a vicious cycle that often occurs in Adrenal Burnout.

How to deal with stressful thoughts

1. Identify the thought that is associated with the stress

Each time when I feel stress creeping up, it helps me to identify the stress, i.e. the thought that causes the stress. There is always a thought that triggers the stress and it is very helpful to write that thought down.

2. End your exhaustion

The most life changing way that I have found to deal with my stressful thoughts is to question them. Byron Katie has developed an amazing simple yet effective method for this. It is called "The Work".

Like I think that Rebounding is the most efficient thing for my body, 'The Work of Byron Katie' is the most efficient method to work with my stress.  As Certified Facilitator in this method,  I am trained to support people in recognizing the source of their suffering and in helping them finding a way out. External link opens in new tab or windowLearn more about this powerful technique.

3. A strong body

I think there is no doubt that a strong, toned body is a great basis for emotional well being. It is important that we have enough oxygen circulating in our blood and in our cells and the more toned and upbeat we are, the more 'resistant' we are to stressful thoughts.

The easiest, most accessible and most efficient way that I have found to tone my body is Rebounding  on a high quality Rebounder. Basically everybody can do it. When rebounding is done correctly, in the way I teach it with my QiBounding method, it can pick you up where you are today and help you step by step to build a strong and toned body.

Besides the obvious physical impact, Rebounding triggers our body to release Serotonin, the "happy hormone" which supports us on the emotional level and gives us a feeling of joy and lightheartedness.

If you have any question in this regards, I invite you to External link opens in new tab or windowemail me.

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