Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures.

Rebounding -  having an overall calming and balancing effect on the individual -
can have a positive impact in this regards.

The gentle up and down movement which we experience in Rebounding provides a movement  

which goes through the entire body like a wave and which has  a calming effect on the nervous system and on the unconscious reflects. This gentle up and down movement is a kinestetic experience that we have encountered in our earliest moments and which is anchored  in our memories: It is the movement which we experienced when we were cradled in the womb our mother, each time when she walked.


So – even without being consciously aware of this – Rebounding  remembers us of this experience and with it comes the comforting feeling of being cared for which relaxes the nervous system and creates the basis for improvement in all aspects of neurological disorders.