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How tall is the tallest person
using the Rebounder?
under 5' 4"               

 5'4" to 5'5"

 5'6" to 5'7"
 5'8" to 6'0"

 6'1" to 6'3"

over 6'3"                                         
What is the weight of the heaviest
using the Rebounder?
up to 110 lbs

111 to 150 lbs
 151 to 180 lbs

 181 to 200 lbs
 201 to 230 lbs
 231 to 300 lbs
 301 to 350 lbs
 over 350 lbs

Your age under 30
 31 to 35

 36 to 45
 46 to 55
 56 to 65

 66 to 75

 76 to 80
 81 to 85

over 85

Do you have enough space for a Rebounder
that is 44" in diameter?

Are you interested in a large bouncing surface
offered by a 49 inch-diameter Rebounder?
Do you need  a Rebounder with FOLDING legs
for daily storing away of your Rebounder?
Yes. I need folding legs.

 Would be nice
but is not mandatory.

 I prefer screw-on legs.

Have you experienced Back Pain? I  often have back pain  
 I  sometimes have
back pain

 No, I  never have
back pain

Are you concerned with Pronating?
 Yes I pronate and I
cannot control it.
 I pronate slightly
and  know how to
correct this.

No, I don't pronate      

 Do you have weak Ankles, Joints or Knees? No
 I have weak ankles
  I have weak joints
 I have weak knees

I have weak ankles,
joints, knees

Are you concerned with Bone Density?
I have Osteoporosis.

 I have Osteopenia.

 I don't know.

Do you need a silent Rebounder (bellicons are silent)?
Yes I need it silent.

 No problem with squeaking

Are you sensitive to chemicals which
are diffused by certain  Rebounders (not in bellicons)?

Yes, I am chemically sensitive.

Is a $700 piece of workout equipment in your budget? Yes

 It depends how
much I like it.

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In case more than one person would like to use the same rebounder, please write in the "Comments" field their age, weight, height and possible health problems.


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When you submit this questionnaire and with this ask QiBounding for advice concerning Rebounders and Rebounding, we give you the best advice according to our knowledge. We want to serve you with all our available knowledge and experience. However we are not doctors and we cannot give any medical advice. If you have physical problems, please consult your doctor first before starting Rebounding. Concerning the suggestion we give you for choosing a Rebounder, we base this advice on our experience with hundreds of clients whom we have counseled over the last 8 years. However, every person is different and we can never give you a 100% guarantee that the suggested Rebounder will work for you. We simply want to make all our knowledge available to you and to serve you. At the end, however, it is you who chooses the Rebounder you purchase and it is ultimately your choice.