90 minutes Personal Coaching
at our Center for Mindful Movement,
Naples, FL

The most efficient way to learn Rebounding and it's mindful version, QiBounding, is to grant yourself a QiBounding In-Person Training Session by QiBounding Founder, Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth.

In a QiBounding In-Person Training  you will receive personal coaching that is tailored to your very special fitness goals, health issues and needs. You will leave the session with a lot of knowledge about your body and with a set of exercises that are ideal for you in this moment. Here are some themes, we will develop:

  • Alignment Check-up

We help you to understand the importance of structural alignment in rebounding and we teach you how to apply this understanding in your rebounding practice. Doing so is important for everybody and even more important for anybody with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

  • Your body in particular
We are looking at your feet, knees, hip, taking in account possible problems caused by your "use of the body" or by former accidents. We will show you how to correctly rebound to strengthen those areas of your body.

  • Exercises
You will receive a set of exercises that are tailored to   your health and fitness goals.

  • 90 minute session:  You can come alone or with a friend
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Distant Coaching
via Zoom

Grant yourself the luxury of a personalized rebounding session
with Rebounding Master Trainer Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth

  • Have your alignment checked
  • Improve your rebounding technique
  • Learn specific exercises that are tailored to your personal needs.

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