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Springfree rebounders, also called "bungee band" rebounders

are the newest evolution in Rebounders. The mat of springless Rebounders is no longer fixed to the frame by metal springs but by high elastic bungee cords. These are their advantages:

Highest efficientcy

The deeper bounce of a springless Rebounder generates automatically a higher  G-Force and with that higher efficiency, compared to a spring-based Rebounder. You need less time to achieve the same results on a bungee based Rebounder than on a srping-based Rebounder.

to joints and back.

Besides of being secure and well built, it is the quality of bounce that makes a good rebounder. The bounce needs to be even and the feeling in your body should be pleasant. Compared to the hard bouncing spring-based rebounders, springless bungee band rebounders give you the gentle bounce your body enjoys. Especially if you are concerned with joint or back problems.
When you are young, your body can often still compensate jolts that result from hard bouncing rebounders. But if you come towards 40 and over, you need to give your body a correct treatment. Ideal are the bellicon rebounders as they offer bungee cords adjusted to your weight. But also JumpSport, who offers the same bungee cord type for all weight categories, produces a much more gentle bounce compared to spring based Rebounders.

Amazing Fun

Springfree Rebounders based on high elastic bungee bands (especially the models of bellicon) give you a feeling of weightlessness and flying. There is no comparison to the hard bouncing of spring-based Rebounders. Top quality bungee band Rebounders are so much more fun.
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There is not a single brand in the US that sells spring-based rebounders which are silent. All spring-based Rebounders, even the most expensive like the Cellerciser,  squeak heavily after a use of about two weeks of using them. And in most cases, putting oil on the springs does not solve the problem. So you are left for the rest of your days with a squeaky Rebounder.
Other the springfree Rebounders: There is nothing that can squeak. The bellicons are whisper silent, the JumpSports 370 have a very light sound coming from the cover (the "petals") that cover the bungee cords. But event that is no comparison to the squeakiness of spring-based Rebounders.

Spring-based rebounders

are the original rebounders which are more or less the same construction like in the seventies.

Former generation of rebounders

Rebounders that are based on springs are the original rebounders.

For those who are looking into the old generation of spring based rebounders, the models that are the most know, are

- the Cellerciser

- the Lymphesiser

- the Needak

- the ReboundAir

- the Urban rebounder

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Low vertical bounce

Spring based rebounders have a significant lower vertical bouncing capacity and in order to get some vertical movement, you have to jump up and out of the mat. The result is that your landing is much harsher than on bungee rebounders.

Caution to misleading names.

Don't let yourself fool by names, for instance "Needak soft bounce". That does not mean that this is a soft bouncing rebounder. Needak just sells harder bouncing rebounders than this model and in comparison to those, the "soft bounce" is softer. Also the Cellerziser does not pump more oxygen in the cells then other rebounders or the Lympheziser does not move the Lymph more than other rebounders. Those names are misleading and confusing.

If you want an optimal oxygenation and lymphatic movement, you choose a bellicon. The reason: As you bounce deeper and higher due to the elastic bungee cords, the calves have more time to contract and with that they thoroughly pump the lymphatic fluid through the body. Same thing with oxygen: The more the cells can contract and expand the better their oxygenation. More time offers them a deeper contraction. A movement that is too quick - like what you get with spring-based rebounders - only allows the cells to contract superficially.

If you are young,
it's ok!

For younger folk who cannot afford a bellicon rebounder, spring based rebounders are ok. When we are young, our body is able to compensate a lot.

However, once we are 40 or more, we have to give the body the equipment that works FOR the body and not against the body. In regards to rebounders, this means that  spring-based re bounders are a no-no, unless you are an exception and super fit.

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                        The hard bouncing "Needak Soft Bounce" rebounder