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Rebounding versus Osteoporosis: Twice a week for eight months.
A year ago, Waltraud Mueller could nearly not move any more after having had a vertebra broken due to Osteoporosis. When she started rebounding, she still was in pain. It was her physiotherapist, Dr.  Paul Klammer who introduced her to rebounding. Before he let her mount the rebounder, he did a serious physical examination. Like with all of his clients, he gave her a customized training program.
Especially for Osteoporosis patients, rebounding has turned out to be very successful - which is now proven through medical studies. Dr. Paul Klammer says "The change of gravity (which occurs in rebounding) is what makes the difference. The change between pressure and release causes a tremendous increase in metabolism in every cell: In the respiratory system, in the heart and circulation, in the muscles and soft tissue, in the cartilages of the  joints and of the discs in the spine and of course in the bone itself. (When rebounding) the bone receives pressure followed by release, which supports his metabolism and helps to become stronger and stabilize itself again."
What is possible with this gentle method shows Gertrud Soil. Two years ago, this 86 year old woman could nearly not stand any more after having had a fracture in her femur (due to Osteoporosis). She started a light training and bouncing on a rebounder. In the beginning she was hesiting to go on this unstable thing. And today? "It does me very well. The training here is first class. It gives me strength. Everything is fine again."
All patients start very slowly, have to find their balance first.The exercises on the rebounder loose up the body the soft bouncing helps them getting a better posture and to increase their balance. That diminishes the risk of falling. Paul Klammer says: "When Osteoporosis patients come, they are very tense, they are in pain and are very inflexible. They don't dare to do anything and the rebounder brings them very easily in a soft movement. Usually they are astonished they are able to rebound, that the pain goes away and that it is so joyful."
Waltraud Mueller is so happy about her new "bone work" that she has decided to get her own rebounder so that she can have a daily bouncing at home. As in the fight against Osteoporosis is the saying "Keep on going".