Watch: The trailer above to get an idea what you will learn in the QiBounding Foundation Classes.

Note: The classes are stacked. That means what you learn in Part 1 is the basis for Part 2 and what you learn in Part 2 will be used in Part 3. However if you feel strongly about a theme, you can directly sign up for that Part. You should still at least participate in the free Part 1 class unless you are sure that your rebounding technique is impeccable.


Class Segments


Focus of
the class

Content  of the Class



Part 1

7 days

Best Practice

This class
is the basis for
Part 2, 3 & 4

  • The effect of Rebounding on the body
  • What to know when you start Rebounding
  • The correct feet positioning
  • Correct Alignment & Health Bounce
  • Exercise to improve blood circulation
  • How much Rebounding, how often?
  • 3 Minute "Boost your Energy" Routine
  • The Tree Types of Rebounding


Part 2

14 days

Lymph Flow

  • Understanding the Lymphatic System
  • Morning routine to stimulate the Lymph Flow
  • Lymph Flow stimulating exercises
  • The importance of movement
  • Using movement tracking
  • Warm up exercises to begin a session
  • Cooling Down exercises to close a session
  • Learn how to compose your own Routines
  • Exercises to strengthen Arms, Legs and Core


Part 3

14 days

Stress Release

  • Morning Routine to wake up the body
  • Understanding the Nervous System
  • Exercises to release stress and to energize
  • Evening Routine for better sleep
  • Exercises to improve inner and outer balance
  • Exercises to balance left and right brain hemispheres
  • Understanding our brain and it's plasticity
  • Exercises to train body coordination


Part 4

14 days

Strong Bones

  • What do bones need and why is rebounding so beneficial for bone health.
  • Why good Alignment supports healthy bones
  • Bone Strengthening exercises on and off the Rebounder
  • Ankle saving alternative to Jogging on the Rebounder

QiBounding Dynamic


14 days

Strength &

Intensive workshop using dynamic exercises and goal setting to build strength and stamina.