Although there is not a lot of scientific proof yet,

many people have experienced amazing health


by exercising on a quality rebounder.

Just imagine what a
  • boosted immune system,
  • an improved cardiovascular system,
  • more strength, balance, and coordination  
     can do for your health.
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* Aging process slowed
* Alkaline reserve improved
* Allergies improved
* Arthritis improved and/or goes into remission
* Autism, Dyslexia, Learning Disabled conditions greatly assisted
* Balance and coordination improved
* Bipolar (mania and depression) patients experience improved conditions
* Blood pressure remains at abnormal levels for shorter time after high activity
* Body composition and muscle-to-fat ratio improved
* Bones strengthened from g-force loading and repeated light impact
* Cancer prevention has been reported
* Cardiovascular disease incidence lowered
* Cells strengthened in entire body by increased g-force load
* Chronic edema prevented as less blood pools in veins
* Circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels lowered
* Colds and illnesses minimized
* Constipation improved or eliminated
* Detoxification of body
* Digestion and elimination improved
* Endurance increased
*Epilepsy stopped
* Energy increased, as well as more sexual libido
* Fatigue fighter and energy level raised
* Flexibility improved
* Foot structure improved—including arches
* Glandular system toned, especially thyroid
* Hardening of arteries delayed and/or reversed
* Heart disease and attacks delayed and/or prevented
* Heart problem rehabilitation aid
* Heart strengthened
* Hemorrhoids improved and/or eliminated
* Internal organs massaged
* Lymphatic circulation improved tremendously
* Menstrual discomfort and fatigue curtailed for women
* Mental performance enhanced
* Mitochondria count within muscle cells increased
* Muscles toned and strengthened throughout body
* Musculoskeletal systems strengthened by g-force loading
* Neck, back pain, and headaches decreased
* Nerve transmissions between brain and proprioceptors in joints coordinated
* Osteoporosis prevented and bone density increased
* Oxygen exchange throughout body and to tissues increased
* Red bone marrow stimulated to produce more red blood cells
* Rehabilitation and Pain Reduction: knees, shoulders, arms, wrists, ankles, back, and feet
* Respiration capacity improved
* Resting metabolic rate increased (more calories burned)
* Sleep, rest, and deep relaxation easier to achieve
* Tissue repair and muscle growth promoted
* Veins: better circulation, less varicose veins
* Vestibular nerves stimulated, balance and alertness improved
* Vision improvement