bellicon makes the best folding leg mechanism which we know of. However there are some points to take into consideration before ordering a bellicon with folding legs:

1. If you ever want to travel in an airplane, we very much recommend to hold off folding legs as the leg mechanism could be damaged during transport.

2. As a rebounding trainer, I want you to use your bellicon as often as possible. Therefore I recommend to have it standing in the middle of your room and to not store it away after every use. That of course does not work for everybody - specially if you have not a lot of space. If you have space, consider the fact that you will most probably use your bellicon more often - and with that get better results - when you do not store it away after usage. Therefore, you might not need folding legs.

As for stability, you can trust the excellent craftsmanship of bellicon. Their folding leg models are as stable as their screw-on leg ones.