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Note: The classes are stacked. That means what you learn in Part 1 is the basis for Part 2 and what you learn in Part 2 will be used in Part 3. However if you feel strongly about a theme, you can directly sign up for that Part. You should still at least participate in the free Part 1 class unless you are sure that your rebounding technique is impeccable.

Class:Class SegmentsFocus of
the class
Content  of the Class 
Part 1
Best Practice

This class
is the basis for
Part 2, 3 & 4
  • The effect of Rebounding on the body
  • What to know when you start Rebounding
  • The correct feet positioning
  • Correct Alignment & Health Bounce
  • Exercise to improve blood circulation
  • How much Rebounding, how often?
  • 3 Minute "Boost your Energy" Routine
  • The Tree Types of Rebounding
 Part 2Lymph Flow
  • Understanding the Lymphatic System
  • Morning routine to stimulate the Lymph Flow
  • Lymph Flow stimulating exercises
  • The importance of movement
  • Using movement tracking
  • Warm up exercises to begin a session
  • Cooling Down exercises to close a session
  • Learn how to compose your own Routines
  • Exercises to strengthen Arms, Legs and Core
 Part 3Stress Release
  • Morning Routine to wake up the body
  • Understanding the Nervous System
  • Exercises to release stress and to energize
  • Evening Routine for better sleep
  • Exercises to improve inner and outer balance
  • Exercises to balance left and right brain hemispheres
  • Understanding our brain and it's plasticity
  • Exercises to train body coordination
 Part 4Strong Bones
  • What do bones need and why is rebounding so beneficial for bone health.
  • Why good Alignment supports healthy bones
  • Bone Strengthening exercises on and off the Rebounder
  • Ankle saving alternative to Jogging on the Rebounder
QiBounding DynamicAdvanced
Strength &
Intensive workshop using dynamic exercises and goal setting to build strength and stamina.  

Testimonial from a class participants

Before I started rebounding I was having sciatica problems. Since I started rebounding and working with your lessons, my sciatica pain is gone. My range of motion is so much better too. I'll be 66 yrs old in a few months and I'm really happy I found this form of exercise to do every day. Your online lessons have made learning how to use the rebounder the correct way so easy too.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to learning from all your lessons. (Angie S. January 2016)

I had two nodes taken out of my left groin in Feb 2014 due to Melanoma and have had lymphedema even since.Just by doing the intro session (Foundation Part 1), I have been able to keep the swelling to a minimum and I am feeling more energy!  (Sue, Huntington Beach, January 2016)

After rebounding at home for awhile, I found I was having quite a lot of discomfort in my legs during and after rebounding and was unable to find a solution. I was looking for clear and effective instruction and found it here. The level 1 class began with very detailed information on alignment and basic rebounding techniques which helped me correct the mistakes that were giving me so much trouble. By the end of the level 1 class, I was able to rebound for several minutes longer than I had been used to and this, in complete comfort. The class also provides a lot of information on the health benefits of rebounding with exercises applicable to each topic. I especially enjoyed the brain teasers and relaxations.  This was a really well rounded class !

The level 2 class was a welcome addition, expanding on the exercises and offering great suggestions for building routines to fit my ability and needs.

Sylvia’s very complete presentation, in her easygoing style, has been really fun to follow. It has given me needed information for continuing to improve and enjoy my rebounding.

Nina, Netherlands (June 2015)  

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