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(March 2015)
Linda Gray's Longevity regime: “I just love my little rebounder,” Linda Gray says of the small trampoline that she often takes with her to the set. “Women need exercise to clean out and stimulate the lymphatic system,” she explains, “and for me, nothing works better.” She adds that during the 20 minutes that she exercises with her rebounder, she watches television or listens to the radio news. “I think anything over 20 minutes is boring,” she adds. External link opens in new tab or windowRead article.
12 unexpected Health Benefits of Rebounding

THERE WAS A TIME when every mom had a tiny trampoline to match their legwarmers and aerobics videos. We rolled our eyes all the way ’til about 2010 when the idea of jumping on a tiny trampoline to get fit suddenly seemed relevant again...

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CBS NEWS (2000/08) Exercise on the Rebound

There are some surprising benefits of Rebounding when returning to this childhood act, which combines the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. "You're actually working your heart and your muscles." Trampolining also activates lymphatic circulation, she says.
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