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Almost 60 years old, BB lost 25 lbs in only 6 months. QiBounding interviewed her to find out her secret.  

Iowa City,  July 7, 2012


QiBounding (QB): BB, you are only months away from your 60th birthday. What is your secret of having lost 25 lbs in only 6 months?


BB:  I am fortunate to enjoy excellent health and it has gotten even better with rebounding, which I had never done before.  The soft bounce of the bellicon is easy on the body.  Living in Iowa makes it almost impossible to get enough exercise as the climate is dreadful.  So the bellicon solved this problem for me, and thus I give the credit primarily to it.  


QB: This is excellent news.  Is this the first time that you loose weight so easily?


BBI had been trying to lose the extra weight with no success before the bellicon.  Now I went from 145 to 120, which looks pretty good.  I was 100 as a teenager, 110 until my son was born at age 35, then around 115.  But now I am 59 years old so perhaps 120 is the best I can expect.  


QB: When I look at you, I would never think that you are 59 years old. You are in  an amazingly good shape.


BB: Yes, most people cannot believe that I am almost 60.


QB: How long do you rebound per day?


BB: .  I rebound every day for 15 minutes.  Once or twice a week, a little more , about 20, 25 maybe 30 minutes.  Depending on how I feel, part gentle bouncing, part a little higher, and lots of bouncy walking.  I always do it to music which makes it much more fun.  


QB: Did you also change your diet?


BB: I did change only one thing:  I replaced most of the starch in my diet with green foods, in the hope of creating a more alkaline balance in the body.  This means having salad instead of toast or pasta for dinner...that kind of thing.  Being a vegetarian, my diet already was pretty sugar or junk foods, olive oil instead of butter, etc.


QB: Are you happy with your weight now or do you plan to loose more


BB:  I’ll keep bouncing away and see if any more melts away.  115 would be just perfect that’s my goal.  Then I can really fly up those Himalayan trails, next time we go!  


QB: Thank you so much and keep up the happy bouncing!

My Abs Get a Killer Workout!


Interview with Dana S. from  The Villages, FL. June 30, 2012.


QiBounding (QB): Dana, you have used your bellicon since two months now and you already have an entire list of fantastic results. Can you tell us about them?


Dana:  Absolutely you can see my progress! I am 5’4” and started out at 136 pounds and now I am at 131. I've noticed my tummy is slimmer and my pants are more loose. I have more stability in my hips. My legs are becoming stronger especially my left leg which was weaker due to my back surgery in the mid 90's.

My heart rate is awesome.. Stays around the mid to upper 60's to low 70's mostly when not exercising. My resting heart rate is upper 40's to low 50's. My energy is crazy. The only problem that I face is not being able to rebound on my work days. (boohoo)


QB:  The results you get from your bellicon are amazing and you look like a young goddess. Can you tell us your age or is that a secret?


Dana:  I am 50 years old, soon to be 51 in August.


QB: Congratulations. You look at least ten years younger!

You told us that you use hand weights when rebounding. What exactly are you doing with them?


Dana: Yes, I use the one pound Contour weights. I am ready to increase those weights now to two pounds or possibly three. What I really like with the them, is that I place my feet in the straps and proceed with my abdominal workout while lying on the Bellicon. My abs get a killer workout. What a great feeling!


QB: You told us that you could not use the hand weights right away. Could you tell us more about this?

Dana:  In the beginning, I found it difficult to use the hand weights while jumping. I believe my muscles weren't used to the significant forces of bouncing along with the added hand weights. So  I started to work with the Theraband for a while and that really made it possible to increase to the hand weights quickly.

QB: Yes, that is a great exercise. We show this in one of our video clips! What about your balance? Some weeks ago, you told us that this was one of your focal points. How is this today?


Dana: My balance has improved more over the last 6 weeks. The reason I know this is because when I stand now on the bellicon dead center with my legs and feet together, and close my eyes, I can stand there with hardly any swaying for as long as I want.  My body will adjust accordingly, and fight to stay in place, but there is barely much movement now.  When I tried to do this in the beginning, I wasn't able to keep my eyes closed for fear of falling.


QB: Just to get an idea: How long are you working out daily? Do you have a special routine that you follow?


Dana:  I now workout approximately 2 hours. I try to mix it up to challenge my body. One day I will do a 90 minute workout then the next a 2 hour.  What keeps me going is the music from my IPOD. I program it to shuffle the songs so when a slow tune plays, I workout my abs while lying on the bellicon. When a fast one plays, I jump on the bellicon and bounce to the beat. I also do sidekicks, back kicks and front kicks to get my hips and buttocks involved.

When I feel I have done a lot of abdominal work, I will do balancing or yoga work with the slower tunes. It's funny though, if the IPOD wants to, it can really kick my butt by playing a lot of fast songs in a row! I am usually drenched at the end of my workout.


QB: Many of us who use our bellicon daily, get kind of addicted to it. Have you noticed this, too?


Dana: I must say, this is the first time that I truly crave my workout when it's missed. When I am off work, my body is LOVING it! I workout every day. Of course, reality comes back and I have to return to work. My workouts are then back to the mercy of my schedule.


QB: Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Dana!


Dana: You are very welcome. It’s a pleasure!