BEST PRACTICE in Rebounding

                    FREE REBOUNDING TRAINING

                   WITH MASTER TRAINER

                   Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth

In this free class will learn:

    • What to pay attention on when you are new to Rebounding.
    • The correct feet positioning on the rebounder.
    • The correct alignment on the rebounder.
    • Why rebounding is so beneficial to your body.
    • How much and how often you should rebound.
    • A three minute Energy-Boost Routine.
    • You learn a great exercise that trains your upper arms and pumps oxygen into your body.

     Everywhere, WhenEver you have time - it's ONLINE!


Testimonials from Online Class participants:

I had two nodes taken out of my left groin in Feb 2014 due to Melanoma and have had lymphedema ever since. Just by doing the intro session (Foundation Part 1), I have been able to keep the swelling to a minimum and I am feeling more energy!    

(Sue, Huntington Beach, January 2016)

I wish I would have known about this class when I first started rebounding.  I have had my rebounder for a little more than 3 weeks.  I know now that I started out way too fast.  Now I'm experiencing lower back pain.  I learned so much about the proper techniques to rebounding from this class.  I watched different rebounding exercise routines on yo tube and came across yours.  I feel you really know what you are talking about regarding rebounding for good health and I am already looking forward to Part 2 of the class.

(Connie F. January 2016)

All Online Classes:

Foundation Training Theme based:
- Part 1: Best Practice           (7 day Free Online Class, see above)
- Part 2: Lymph Flow             (14 days class)
- Part 3: Stress Release       (14 days class)
- Part 4: Strong Bones          (14 days class)

Advanced Class - QiBounding Dynamic (14 days)

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